Cookie Policy

How we make our website work for you


Our website has a cookie policy that operates in conjunction with our privacy policy. The main objective of this policy is to provide information on what cookies are, how we use them, and how you can manage them while using our website.

What are cookies?

When you access our website, we might store small text files, referred to as “cookies,” on your device. These files do not contain any personal information, but they have a unique identifier that helps us connect your personal data to a specific device. Cookies are a widely used technology on the internet, and you can find more information about them here.

Why do we use cookies?

These files serve a number of useful purposes for you, including:

  • Enables access to restricted content
  • Personalizes website functionality based on preferences, location, or device type
  • Enhances website performance
  • Allows third parties to provide services to our website
  • Facilitates delivery of targeted advertising in accordance with applicable laws

The cookies we use

On our website, we utilize various types of cookies, which can be either our own or from third-party plugins, suppliers, or advertisers. These cookies may be removed from your device at different times, such as the end of your browsing session, after a set period, or they may remain on your device until you manually delete them.

The following list shows the primary types of cookies we use, and they expire at different times depending on when they were last used on our website or when you delete them manually:

Cookie name: Google Analytics
Cookie type: Analytics 
Cookie function: Tracks and reports on website traffic and visitor behaviour.

Cookie name: Narratiive
Cookie type: Analytics
Cookie function: Tracks and reports on website traffic and visitor behaviour.

Cookie name: Chartbeat
Cookie type: Analytics
Cookie function: Tracks and reports on website traffic and visitor behaviour.

Cookie name: Cosmos: logged-in user cookie
Cookie type: Essential
Cookie function: To ensure a user’s login persists, so users do not have to sign in every time they return to our website.

Cookie name: Behavioural advertising/marketing cookies (various)
Cookie type: Advertising
Cookie function: Behavioural advertising cookies are used to provide you with advertising that is tailored to your interests when you visit websites on and off our network. Behavioral advertising cookies analyse information about your interests and your browsing history and provide you with advertisements on and off our network that match these interests.

Cookie name: Social media (various)
Cookie type: Social media
Cookie function: Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms use a cookie to track your behaviour on our website for advertising purposes and to enable functionality such as sharing articles to social media platforms.

(International advertisers on our network, such as Taboola, may also use non-cookie technologies to provide you with content recommendations from our website and others. To learn more about opting out of Taboola, please click here.)

Deleting cookies

By default, your internet browser automatically accepts cookies, but you have the option to change this setting to stop accepting them. Additionally, you can manually delete cookies from your device. However, please note that deleting or no longer accepting cookies may affect your access to certain aspects of our website where cookies are necessary or may cause the website to forget your preferences. Although deleting cookies may not prevent you from seeing advertisements on our website, these ads may be less relevant to you.

Third-party cookies

We collaborate with various business partners who may use their own cookies or widgets on our website. As such, we have no authority or control over these cookies or widgets. The data collected by any of these cookies or widgets is subject to the privacy policy of the company that generated them, not ours.